Friday, June 3, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday: Summer is Here

- 1 -

Cicadas are so gross, you guys. Not to mention deafeningly loud. I can hear the chilling swell of their hideous chorus through walls and double-paned windows and over my radio. And if you go outside and walk under a tree... *shudder*  To make it even better, one of our cars is without AC right now, and so we have to drive it with the windows down. I am just waiting to get a cicada in the face, and then my life can be over.

- 2 -

The pool at my in-laws' house is opening today, and I am feeling ambivalent. On the one hand, I am excited to take Josiah swimming for the first time, and to enjoy the refreshment of a dip in the pool myself. On the other hand, SWIMMING SUIT. I could ugly cry at the thought of getting in a swimming suit and actually allowing people (myself included) to see me.

- 3 -

I am currently reading five different books: Going Solo by Roald Dahl, Gideon the Cutpurse by Linda Buckley-Archer, Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, How the Irish Saved Civilization by Thomas Cahill, and Redwall by Brian Jacques. As usual, I am participating in my library's summer reading club for adults, so I need to do a lot of reading this summer. But it might be a good idea to finish one before moving on to the next, don't you think? Also, do you have any recommendations for a good book once I am finished with all these?

- 4 -

This morning Joe Bastianich was on the Today Show talking about wine, and I got inappropriately excited. I didn't realize that he was quite so famous in his own right. No, I recognized him as the son of Lidia Bastianich, the host of Lidia's Italy, one of my favorite shows on PBS. Showing how much I fall in love with all things PBS and NPR, I turned excitedly to my husband and explained to him who Joe Bastianich is, with the kind of enthusiasm that would make more sense if I actually knew Lidia Bastianich personally. The blank stare Jim gave me reminded me what a nerd I am. (Btw, Joe Bastianich is a lot thinner now than he was in that picture. He mentioned on the Today Show that he is about to participate in an Iron Man. Yowza.)

- 5 -

I am pretty sure I am going to be the new nursery coordinator at our church. Part of me thinks this is very unwise, as I am currently rather overwhelmed by life generally, so why on earth add another responsibility?! But the truth is that even though it has been almost a year since we moved to our new church, I still feel like a visitor and an outsider. We have made some friends, but every week I am struck by how many people I don't know by name yet. They don't feel like my family. And maybe they never will quite like the people at our old church did...but I haven't made enough of an effort. The only way to really make a church your home is to start serving there.

- 6 -

Next week the trial for the accused murderer of my sister-in-law will finally begin. It makes me feel all shaky to know that it is finally here. Supposedly the trial will not take long, so we may know his fate within a couple of weeks. I can hardly believe that next month it will already be two years since that nightmare happened and we lost our sister. I haven't written much about it on my blog, mostly for privacy's sake, but also because there isn't a whole lot to say about it. Anyway, if you are a praying person, I would appreciate if you would hold up my husband's family, the accused murderer and the justice system in your prayers.

- 7 -

Yeah, not having the internet at home sucks.


  1. Great takes! 

    I have to wear a swimsuit in a few weeks and am dreading it...I am reading Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali and can't put it down...I often get disproportionally excited by all things NPR-related...and I will pray for you and your husband's family.

  2. The Thomas Cahill book is one of my favorite non-fiction books EVER and Redwall is a childhood favorite of mine-- so fun! Two of my recent-ish book discoveries that I'd highly recommend are Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell and The Eyre Affair.

    Being a nursery coordinator at church sounds like some kind of nightmare for me. I volunteer in the children's ministry at our church about once ever 6 weeks and it is soul-crushing for me every time. Ugh. I don't quite understand how I can so thoroughly enjoy my own children and find small children in group settings so miserable. I am really looking forward to our new baby arriving so I have an excuse to stop volunteering for a good long time.

    And I am so sorry, again, for your family's loss, and for the continuing trauma of dealing with the aftermath of your sister's death.

  3. The only swim suit I felt comfortable in after giving birth to Garrett was this lovely black suit with ruching all along the abdomen. It sucked me in an covered and flabby areas - plus was a little sassy (it had a tiny little flutter skirt on the bottom). I bought two (one in blue). :)

    As far as Nursery Coordinator, you have this wonderful talent of making people feel at ease with you which will be wonderful with new parents and anxious volunteers. Not to mention I'm sure you are wonderful with the kids.

    I will most definitely pray for you and Jim's family to get though this trial.

  4. Thanks for the book recommendation - and for the prayers!

  5. Oh my gosh, I LOVED Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell!  Although, can I confess I skipped a lot of the sections that dealt with the war in Spain. I am anxious for her next book, but since it took her 10 years to write the first one, we may have to wait a while. I will have to check out The Eyre Affair, as you clearly have excellent taste. ;)

    Your feelings regarding church nursery are hilarious! I don't feel that way, but I can fully understand your point of view!!!



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