Friday, June 10, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday: I Can't Think of a Subtitle!

- 1 -

Yes, I am totally embarrassed about yesterday's post, on multiple levels. I have no idea what the whole point of this blog is, but I don't like when it becomes my emotional outlet. Like a teenager writing in her diary, ugh. Yet, I suppose that it serves its purpose. And, ironically, those posts tend to get more comments than the posts that I think are really good. Whatever.

- 2 -

I have made an appointment with my hairstylist on Saturday because I am FED UP with my hair. (Although, it's not looking too horrible today, thus giving me second thoughts. Of course.)

I am seriously contemplating a pixie cut, despite the fact that I know my husband won't be thrilled. Or I might just color it. Or maybe I'll go crazy and do both! You have 24 hours to express your opinion on this matter, and to convince me to WAIT, STOP, DON'T DO IT!!!

I might post after pictures, if I don't end up looking too much like a clown.

- 3 -

Blogger has made it easy for you to have your own favicon, in case you hadn't noticed. Fellow Blogger users, check out the design tab, and there is a spot on the top of your template arranger thingy (that's a technical term) where you can upload a favicon. And if you need to create one first, Google "Favicon Generator" and lots of websites will pop up to help you. Oh, and if you don't even know what a favicon is, it's the teeny-tiny image next to the URL address. Now, instead of the Blogger orange "B" logo, I have a tiny little windmill. Yay!

- 4 -

I feel like that is such a nerdy thing to be excited about, and it inspires me to share with you one of my favorite little scenes from The Office:

I will never tire of Seasons 1-3 of The Office. Never never never.

- 5 -

Sometimes I am disturbed by how I am able to compartmentalize my mental and emotional space. Yesterday's post makes it sound like I am in a self-focused place right now. And today's post (up to this point) has been silly and frivolous.

All the while, my family is dealing with serious anguish this week.

It isn't that I am not thinking about that on a moment by moment basis. It's not that I don't care. But I can so quickly move from sorrow to silly, from intense to inconsequential. Maybe it's a defense mechanism? Maybe everyone does this, to a certain extent? I'm not a completely horrible person, right?

- 6 -

What I want, more than anything (ok, not more than a million dollars) is a week with NOTHING on the calendar. I love having a full life, and I love that I have so many people who want to spend time with me. But good grief, I am way too over-scheduled. Summer is supposed to be about relaxing, but my June is already packed and July is starting to fill up too.

 - 7 -

Uhhh, I can't think of a seventh thing, so how about this awesome picture of my baby?



  1. If you want an "in between" haircut, google "Gwyneth Paltrow Sliding Doors".  Its short but not pixie, looks almost like you've got it in a French twist from the front, it is QUICK and EASY and you don't have to get it cut to maintain it quite as much as a pixie.  As I write this, I'm thinking, hmm, maybe its time I went back to my favorite haircut . . . .  ;)

  2. I am a big fan of the transformative haircut-- a big change that makes you feel all refreshed and new and excited when you see yourself in the mirror. I say go for something fun and new! :)

  3. #1 - I totally identified with your last post.  If it helps you, let me say that it make me feel so much better knowing that a friend sometimes feels the same way I do.

    #2 - I think sometimes you have to compartmentalize.  My family has a lot going on right  now too, and if I didn't compartmentalize, I'd be so much in my head and my heart that I'd forget to do mundane, everyday things like changing diapers and making dinner.  Not sure if that helps.  Thinking of you these days =*

    #3 - That's a second vote of the GP pixie cut!!



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